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Popgadget Giveaway – $100 Schtickers Gift Certificate

This week's sponsor, Schtickers, is giving away a $100 gift certificate to use on purchasing laptop skins and iPod skins to protect and customize the look of your devices.  Click here to see our latest post on Schtickers. To enter to win, send an email to , with the subject line “ Schtickers” by midnight EST on December 7 , 2007.  In the body of the email, provide your full name and mailing address in the U.S. (if no address is provided, we'll give you 3 days to reply to our notification email if you win).  All giveaways are subject to our prize rules.

Weekly Highlights

Iomega eGo: Slim, sexy, strong . . . storage

If you are memory conscious and either need to replace your external storage or want to invest in a great solution, the Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive is an elegant storage solution. It's DropGuard feature also makes it surprisingly durable for the tough traveler. Transfer data, and large stereo/audio and photo files back and forth to all your networked destinations. Sexy and slim, its heft of 160GB capacity holds up to 640,000 photos, over 2,900 hours of music and 240 hours of video.  It's the "little red corvette" of storage solutions. Price: $119 at Amazon. (by Chrissie)
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Try our new interactive buying guides

Shopping search engines are great when you already know what you want. But what if you want to buy a digital camera for someone for the holidays and don't have a clue where to start? Wouldn't it be nice if you could pick through the zillions of options by process of elimination? Popgadget has partnered with Techselector to bring you interactive buying guides that take you through a series of questions to hone in on the product you're looking for. We know that Popgadget readers aren't all tech geeks (or at least not in every area of tech), so this is for those of you who want a friendlier approach to finding just the right product for your needs. Give it a try (or let someone less tech-savvy then yourself give it a try), and let us know what you think.
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Kindle: Amazon's very own digital book reader

Kindle, Amazon's very own wireless electronic portable reader, gives you access to more than 90.000 books, blogs, magazines and newspapers. Kindle uses the same wireless technology as advanced cell phones, which allows you to download/buy books directly onto/from the device in less that 60 seconds, with no Internet access or tedious search for Wi-Fi hotspots. Unlike regular cell phone technology, no monthly access fee is required for Kindle. What you pay is the content you decide to download. For example, a subscription to the NYTimes costs $13.99 per month and one to BoingBoing $1.99, whereas a whole book costs on average $9.99. Kindle weighs less than a paperbook but can hold about 200 books, and its memory can be increased using an SD card. Kindle is available from Amazon for $399.  (PopLife Media is an Amazon partner, and subscriptions to Popgadget and Babygadget are both available for Kindle.)  (by Camilla)
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