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Finding the right scent is truly a matter of personal taste. A ripe red grapefruit may mix perfectly with a bouquet of floral notes and sweet vanilla, but that does not mean it will blend chemically with your skin. It is therefore a little tough for us to say this perfume is most appropriate for that occasion because it might not necessarily be a flavor that suits you. However, the fragrance world can be a little overwhelming with so many smells to choose from, so we will help guide you through the different categories and give you examples of different scent combinations. We'll give you a better understanding of which ingredients fit which personality type, (a spicy Oriental for the outgoing and exotic, a zesty Citrus for the gal in need of a little invigoration), but it is up to you to find your signature scent.


.: Play Coy :.
Leave Him Wanting More

Nanette Lepore @ FragranceNet

First dates can be nerve-racking, but with a flirty floral scent to back you up, you'll be sure to make him swoon. It will never overpower, and flowery scents are pleasing to most gentleman callers. This fragrance is a good match for a fun and carefree personality. A well harmonized blend of fragrant floral notes is utterly feminine, elegant, romantic, and will always leave that door open for a second date.

The delicate and colorful scent from Nanette Lepore is quite addicting, we must admit. Natural essences and hints of moonstone roses, white peach, amber, and black currant are woven together to create one of the more beautiful fragrances in a long time. Spritz on a little for your next big date.

One playful waft of Daisy, a casual Eau de Toilette from Marc Jacobs, is the sensory equivalent to rolling around in a flowerbed full of them. The freshness of strawberry, gardenia, and red grapefruit is almost as mood elevating as an actual spring day. But of course there is still that Marc Jacobs' edginess captured with some vintage violet, musk, and vanilla.

Take the memories of a hot summer night with you throughout the winter with Moon Sparkle from Escada - a darker floral with musky notes, sandalwood, and dry amber.

Philosophy has managed to bottle up Inner Grace - and it has never smelled so sweet. The scent is actually formulated to "bring peace and balance to your life". Since you'd probably like to have that feeling wherever you go, there is a travel size roll-on version that will come in handy during stressful situations.


.: Get It On :.
Unleash Your Inner Sexpot

Shalimar @ FragranceNet

Spicy, exotic Oriental fragrances are the sexiest of the bunch. When the mood strikes, dim the lights, light some candles, and splash some on - their strong and intoxicating aromas are irresistible. These scents are perfect for the jetsetting sophisticate - with a wildside.

An oldie but a goodie, Guerlain's Shalimar has been around since the '20s. We're not sure which is sexier - the sensual mix of jasmine, rose, incense, vanilla, and bergamot, or the fact that it was inspired by the love of an Indian Emperor and his wife (for whom the Taj Mahal was built).

A newer scent from another classic perfumery, Penhaligon's Lily & Spice is also quite dark but still a little sweet thanks to the presence of the white Madonna lily. Headed by saffron, the world's most expensive spice, the spicy notes include hot pepper, clove, white musk, vanilla, and patchouli. It sounds a little heavy, but it is actually very tasteful and beautiful. Wear it with confidence.

On the lighter side, a simple Orange Blossom Cologne from Santa Maria Novella evokes the scents of sunny Sicilian summers care of Italy 's oldest apothecary.

Dance down the streets of Paris in a gorgeous red Karl Lagerfeld gown (à la Keira Knightley in that Coco Mademoiselle commercial) in spirit thanks to the fragrance itself.



.: Calm Down :.
Surround Yourself With Mother Nature

Wild-Indigo Body Spray @ Molton Brown

If you're a cosmopolitan lady with a stressful job and important things to do, this is the type of scent for you: no muss, no fuss, and no silly fruity flavors. All you will reek of is accomplishment and style. Earthy and rich with herbal undertones, woody scents are equally as enticing as a flirty floral or a seductive oriental, but are also quite calming and comforting. 

Not every city dweller can afford a country house to escape to when the hectic pace of urban life gets overwhelming. But nature's refreshing and relaxing aura is on hand with a Wild-Indigo Body Spray by Molton Brown. Made from Himalayan indigo plant seed extracts, the spray is meant to elevate your mind and make you feel more centered.

A light and soft blend from Donna Karan, Cashmere Mist works in any setting, day or night. A few highlights are Lily of the Valley, ylang, cedarwood, and amber.

An intense elixir based on the black currant and woody notes of a Venetian liqueur, Diesel's Fuel For Life Pour Femme is daring and bold. The potion combines notes like pink pepper, mandarin, patchouli, raspberry, jasmine, and musk.

Agent Provocateur's Eau de Parfum is nothing less than provocative and exotic with Russian coriander, Indian saffron, Moroccan rose, Egyptian jasmine, French magnolia, Haitian vetiver, and Virginian cedarwood (to name a few). The sexiness that the infamous lingerie brand epitomizes is captured in a cute little pink bottle. Keep the purse spray in your evening clutch for romantic encounters.

.: Wake Up :.
Feel Alive Throughout The Day

Marc Jacobs Rain @ Sephora

For those of you sneaking catnaps at your desks, you need something to stimulate the senses and get you through the workday (aside from that Venti Drip). Fresh fragrances are perfect for a day at the office. These scents are cool, clean, energizing, and not overwhelmingly pungent to keep from irritating fellow coworkers. They will invigorate and refresh you from 9 to 5.

The perfect example of a fresh, cooling water scent, a splash of Marc Jacobs 'Rain' is like sitting on a dewy lawn of wet cut grass enveloped by clementine zest, passion flower, white orchids, and the after scent of a sweet tropical rain.

With 'fresh' already in its name, the Sugar Blossom Eau de Parfum by Fresh is a little flowery with sheer magnolia, jasmine, and Lily of the Valley merged with zesty Italian lemon, basil, grapefruit, and a hint of caramel.

For those who simply prefer that just-out-of-the-shower smell, a blast of Clean is reminiscent of the scent of pure soap - jazzed up with a little rose geranium, white musk, sweet lime, and passion lily. You'll feel refreshed and squeaky clean in no time.

Healing green tea leaves are the base note for Bulgari's first cologne, Green Tea. Lively and citrusy yet still discreet, this green tea scent is decorated by orange blossoms, Italian bergamot, smoked wood, and Jamaican pepper.

A quick note about wearing perfume to the office: if you apply the fragrance only to your wrists and use a couple of different scents throughout the week, this will keep your nose from getting used to the smell and prevent you from overdoing it.

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